Dog Warden

Dog Warden - Justin Case
Cell # 518-322-3607

Deputy Dog Warden: Konrad May
Cell # 518-491-4223

Dog Licensing

Article 7 of the NYS Agriculture & Markets Law: Dogs 4 months of age or older need to be licensed. Dogs harbored in the Town of Westerlo must be licensed at the Westerlo Town Clerk’s Office.

  1. Town Clerk will need to verify the following forms:
    1. Rabies Vaccination Certificate
    2. Spay/Neuter Certificate (Veterinarian Certificate or if shown on Rabies Certificate) Westerlo Dog License Fees Payable by cash/check or money order :
      Spayed / Neutered Dog - $8.00 each/per year Unspayed/Unneutered Dog - $15.00 each/per year.
  2. Unlicensed Dog(s) seized by the Westerlo Dog Warden are taken to Mohawk & Hudson Humane Society:
    In order to redeem a dog the owner must pay at the Town Clerk’s office a Redemption Fee of $400 per dog and if dog is unlicensed, the cost of Dog License Fee , rabies vaccination must be current.